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Notes for the safe using of your modified SA-21 Adaptor

Congratulations for the new functions of your Adaptor.

Even if Nikon charges a very high price on my opinion there are still a few advantages on the SA-30 Adaptor that your modified SA-21Adaptor is missing.
Not only that it has a very high-quality “film take-up reel” that takes the film at the end of the scanner.
I mean you can easily work without the “film take-up reel” because you will have to support the film anyway at the front side of the scanner. Because of this fact is an uncontrolled processing of a whole film roll not possible without the support of the user.
You have to put the scanner on a raised position so that the film can slip of on each side of the scanner as you can see o my demonstration photos. Do not forget to open the little door on the back of the scanner and attach it with tape so it will not scratch the film.
If you practise this there will be only a little help needed to support the film at the start or the end of the scanning.

Especial for older films which roll sometimes it is better to lay the scanner on the side.  If you take a self made tray with two 38 mm upper parts in front and behind the scanner, the film can roll by itself on this upper parts. In this case the film slips on his side edge. If you practise so there will be only a minimum  help needed.

One very important and essential difference between the modified SA-21 Adaptor and the SA-30 Adaptor is that the original SA-30 Adaptor has a much stronger motor that turns another gearing much slower.  What I want to say is that the motor is not the problem it is the gearing that is in danger, if you are using the Adaptor not right.
During my testing, the motor of the modified SA-21 Adaptor has managed easily to transport whole film rolls with 40 frames back and forwards and I did not notice any damage or heating up of the motor in the Adaptor.
The very tiny cog-wheels that have to turn very fast wear out easier than it is the case in the SA-30.
This is the reason, why I want you to keep modified SA-21 Adaptor as dust free as possible to reduce the wearing out on a minimum. I advertised this modified Adaptor under the view of using it occasionally.

A long way moving of the film is the hardest part for the cog-wheels. There are different varieties to scan a film, so think about a possibility to scan the film without long and unnecessary ways.

Nikon has built the SA-21 Adaptor anyway so that it can handle filmstrips with 6 frames continuously for a long period that means more than x-thousand frames. Actually a roll film is not processed in a different way. Only long and especially long and often moving of the roll film make a difference in using and should be avoided.  

I wish you a lot and long lasting joy with your SA-21(m) Adaptor.

Helmut Stoepfgeshoff

Also these notes you can load as pdf file from my Download site.

   Demonstration Photo for the Film transport

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